• About school

        • Municipal government institution "Specialized School-Boarding Lyceum for gifted children of Atyrau region" Department of Education of Atyrau region " is a nonprofit organization with legal personality established in the legal form of an institution to carry out the functions of educational activities.


           The organization of the learning process in the Lyceum

          • The educational process of the Lyceum is based on a specialized training program for talented (for in-depth study of individual (profiling) of subjects), approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as (the working and educational) plan prepared by the pedagogical council of the Lyceum and approved by the Director, drawn up on the basis of a comprehensive program of education of the Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan

          • The educational process in the lyceum is based on mutual respect for the human dignity of teachers and students (pupils).

          • Education in the Lyceum is conducted in four languages: Kazakh, Russian, Turkish, English.


             The procedure for admission to the Lyceum, the current control of student progress, interim and final examination

          • Admission of students (pupils) is based on the competitive selection of girls of any nationality who have completed Grade 6, regardless of the place of residence.

          • Application deadline and time of the exam determines the international community "KATEV" fund, and also creates a special commission for the organization and conduct of entrance examinations.

          • Receiving exam consists of two stages: One testing in Kazakh and Russian languages, issued by the International Public Foundation "KATEV" and conducted under the supervision of representatives of the Fund. The aim of the test is to determine the level of knowledge and abilities of the applicant.

          • Lyceum itself establishes the period, the order and the form of intermediate certification of students 7-8, 10 classes. Students of 7 classes at the end of the school year exams in Kazakh, English and algebra.
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      • Атырау облысы дарынды балаларға арналған мамандандырылған мектеп-лицей-интернаты
      • info@atyraukizlitsei.kz
      • +7(7122)52-05-39 Қабылдау бөлімі (09:00-17:00) +7(7122)51-40-15 Анықтама (17:00-09:00)
      • Атырау қ-сы, А.Владимирский к-сі, 28 Atyrau, Vladimirski st., 28 Kazakhstan
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